July 18, 2011

Pretty in (HOT) Pink

It's no secret that women of all ages are obsessed with the color pink. Representing love, beauty and caring, it's no wonder so many brides take the plunge into the sea of pink. With an overwhelming array of different shades of the color, it can be impossible to decide which exact hue is right for you. Let's start with the most obvious: beautiful, bright, girly-to-the-max hot pink. Not only is this color ultra feminine, but when used so boldly, it brings such a great energy to your wedding. It's vibrant and exciting, and just so FUN. Isn't that exactly what you want your wedding to be: fun?

Photos courtesy of Style Me Pretty


Stylishly Blissfully Ever After with MiMi said...

Love pink! When I think of pink, I think 'Girls just wanna have fun'!!

Shardi said...

Ha ha yes! So do i. Especially this shade of pink. It's so girly. Plus, girls really DO just want to have fun, right?! :)

Karlita said...

I LOVE the subtle hints of Hot pink here and there!



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