July 8, 2011

DIY: Blooming Favors

Wedding favors can be a waste of money, especially if it's something  your guests are just going to take home and throw away. That's why I love the idea of these tulip favors: they can be enjoyed even after your wedding is over! They're cheap, easy to make, and will look adorable sitting at your place setting. They would be great for an outdoor or garden-themed wedding, or dress them up for a more traditional affair. If you want to get clever you can always put in a cute saying that has to do with flowers like something to do with  your love "blooming" or "growing". Get creative!

Thanks Project Wedding for sharing the idea.

DIY: Tulip Bulb Favors article photo
Mary Swenson
These seasonal favors are easy, inexpensive, and oh-so-charming!  Put them atop each place setting, arrange them en masse on a favor table, or even group them together in the center of each table for a casual centerpiece that guests can easily take home at the end of your event.
We picked up small pots of bulbs in bloom at our local grocery store for $3.99 each; each pot had 3 flowers in it, which averages to $1.33 per stem.  (Tulips are a colorful and widely-available choice; hyacinths are also a pretty, very fragrant alternative.)

We removed each bulb from the pot and planted it in a small plastic cup.  Each cup was placed inside a mini brown paper bag, decorated with guests' initials.  (If you're using a group of these flower bags as a centerpiece, you can write the table number on each one.)  We punched holes at the top of each bag, and added grommets to the front holes for a finished look.  Stringing ribbon through the holes is a pretty finish, and also keeps the flowers straight in the bag.

Sources:  Mini paper bags can be found at Paper Mart; small white cups by Solo; white paint pen by Elmer's; ribbon and grommets from Michaels
Images Courtesy: Mary Swenson


Miss Tattoo said...

Very cute!

I replied to your question, but decided to share it over here instead. David's Bridal's website has a tool that lets you dress your wedding party!

Shardi said...

Thanks for the quick reply! I'll go check it out...i just love yours. It's such a cute idea!



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