July 20, 2011

Button Me Up

Isn't it crazy how something so simple that you've been familiar with your entire life could all of a sudden turn into a chic wedding decoration? That is exactly what buttons have become. They are so versatile and can be stuck pretty much anywhere in your wedding decor to give it a DIY, vintage feel. Not only will your wedding have "I made this with my own two hands" charm, but you actually CAN make it with your own two hands! Buttons can be used on place cards, or name tags and are even being fashioned into hair pieces and bouquets. The great thing is that if you have lots of buttons lying around, you can finally put them to good use, and you won't even spend a dime. Doesn't get much better than that.

Oh, and if you like the button bouquet featured in the center picture, check it out HERE. It's handmade by a talented crafter on Etsy, and you can purchase one for yourself! At just $100, it's more affordable than flowers, and it will last forever. Talk about a great keepsake!

button wedding
Photos courtesy of Style Me Pretty & Really Bad Kitty


Stylishly Blissfully Ever After with MiMi said...

That cake is calling my name!! love!

Shardi said...

I love that cake too! There are so many pretty colors on it!

Noleeniebeans said...

I love the bouquet and the boutonnieres (buttonieres! tee hee!).



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