July 13, 2011

Fall Brides: Color Palettes

I recently talked with a fellow bride-to-be who is struggling with choosing a color scheme (aren't we all) for her October wedding. Check her out here! Since I'm a semi-fall bride as well, I had already done all kinds of research on fall colors. Instead of posting tons of inspiration boards highlighting the different color schemes that I've found, I'm just going to post bouquets. Why? Because often times, bouquets reflect the colors of the entire wedding. I think looking at the flowers is a quick way to see what a certain combo of colors would look like together.

Here's some of my favorites. While some are what we would typically think of as fall colors, others are kind of outside-of-the-box (personally, I love the one on the bottom right). But, no matter what colors they are, they all have that distinctive "fall feeling" that makes me want to play in the leaves and drink lattes.

Photos courtesy of Style Me Pretty


Laura said...

Thanks Shardi! Thesy are all so beautiful. I definitely want that free-form, natural look. I have some things to think about now. :)

And thanks for the link!

Stylishly Blissfully Ever After with MiMi said...

Lush, natural and beautiful!!

Shardi said...

Laura, You're very welcome! I think any of these colors would be great for a fall wedding!

MiMi, thanks! You're right, they are very lush aren't they? Maybe that's why I liked them! haa



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