September 8, 2011

African Safari

Today I felt like going with a little bit more of an exotic theme....and this beautiful African Safari wedding was born! I have to say, that I love love love this idea so much. It's just so much fun and so pretty to look at. And, it's pretty easy to pull off. You've just got to not be afraid of animal prints, bold patterns, lots of brown, and safari animals of course! When done right, this theme can be a way for your guests to escape to an exotic place. Who doesn't want that? And, for being a heavily-themed wedding, it's crazy elegant.

african themed wedding
Photos courtesy of Style Me Pretty

Center: couple 
First row: elephant, baskets, shoes, table
Second row: couple, centerpiece
Third row: cake, plate
Forth row: girls, bouquet, cheetah, zebra


Katie said...

Super pretty and unique! I'm struggling to think of even a COLOR theme for our wedding!

Shardi said...

You'll come up with something! You just have to pick colors that make you happy when you look at them. Whatever you choose, it will turn out beautifully!

Laura said...

You certainly know how to put together an inspiration board, girl!

Shardi said...

Thank you Laura! I appreciate the love.



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