August 10, 2011

A Traveler's Dream Wedding

Travel-inspired weddings are just so....exciting. You can have more fun with maps, globes, suitcases, and postcards than you ever would have thought possible. And, you can pick up most of this stuff at vintage stores. Saving you money and looking expensively antique is what it's all about.  It will make your guests feel like they're about to jet-set off to some exotic country, and who wouldn't like that? Vacation is the best part of the year, so why not make it part of your biggest day! Makes me want to take off right now.

travel inspired wedding
Photo Credits

Center: map couple
First row: suitcase, passport, centerpiece, globe
Second row: camera
Third row: luggage tag, couple
Fourth row: map, binoculars, ticket, airplane cookies


jude said...

well nice photo i well get wedding vendors in my wedding planner android app for plan my wedding photography

mark lawrence said...

I completely agree that travel inspired wedding would look fanciful and attractive. The d├ęcor is extraordinary and it’s a perfect travel theme wedding. I have attended many adorable weddings at couple of prominent party venues in Los Angeles but others aren’t standing anywhere compared to this.



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