December 12, 2011

Red & Green Summer Wedding

Last week I got a request from Stephanie, a Blushing Bride reader, for an inspiration board. As you all could guess, I was really excited to work on it! Stephanie had a pretty specific vision of what she wanted her wedding to look like. She wanted her colors to be red and lime green. And no, she's not having a Christmas wedding. In fact, she's getting married in July! So, this was a challenge all on its own to take these colors and make them look summery. She also wanted it to be simple and elegant but have a country-look to it. She loves red tulips, mason jars, and wanted silver as the accent color.

I think the board turned out to be so pretty! Those red tulips make the whole thing look so vibrant and summery. I also love the use of fresh produce at a wedding; it's usually cheap, colorful and so refreshing to see. I incorporated apples and strawberries into Stephanie's wedding for a "pow" of color! There's also three different uses of mason jars in this board which I love (as drink glasses, hanging vases, and table setting holders). 

So what do you think? What's your favorite part of this color scheme?

red and green summer wedding palette

Photo Credits
Center: tulip bouquet
First row: tulips, cake, flower girl, dress
Second row: table setting, mason jar
Third row: couple, shoes
Fourth row: apples, bride, macaroons, hanging vase

I love getting requests from my readers! If you're getting married and are having troubling envisioning your big day, email me – I'll be happy to help. I love making inspiration boards and helping out all your lovely brides! Email me at 



Girl wit a Church Hat said...

I REALLY like this theme! The colors are almost unexpected for the summer but I love the way you pulled it all together! My favorite parts are the red heels with the hearts that match the red, heart-shaped cakes!

Shardi said...

Thanks for the comment love! I'm glad you enjoy the board as much as I do :)

Hilary Shea said...

I love this theme! It definitely looks like summer!

Hilary {Bayside Bride} // //

Alison said...

I know this is kind of old now, but I love love love the red tulip bridal bouquet. I'm totally getting one.



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