December 5, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Wedding

To continue on with my Disney princess theme, I've made a beautiful board inspired by Alice (OK, so technically she's not a princess, but who's counting?). The Alice in Wonderland theme has been done many times before. But for my taste, they're always a little over-the-top. I mean, who's really going to carry a fluffy white rabbit down the aisle? Or make their man wear a ridiculously big top hat? Or have such a small wedding that you can fit everyone onto one table that is sitting in the middle of a mystic-looking forest? Probably not many people. So for me, the Alice theme has always been a bit unrealistic.

That's why I set out to create a board that reflects what I think a real-live Alice in Wonderland's wedding would look like. Everything on this board is totally do-able. The teacups, the bows, the clocks and of course the "Eat me" and "Drink me" signs – they're all realistic. Not only is this wedding super charming and whimsical, but it so much fun too! This type of wedding is definitely all about the details. They're what take this theme from a simple garden party to an imaginative wonderland. In my opinion, Alice is definitely a vintage-kind of girl and I think this reflects it perfectly!

Do you think this Alice wedding is do-able? I want to hear what you think!

alice in wonderland wedding

Photo credits:

Center: place setting
First row: tux, teacups, shoes, clock
Second row: flowers, bouquet
Third row: books, necklaces
Fourth row: hair bow, drink, teacup


Saying I do said...

such a great theme idea!

Amanda said...

I've been engaged for two years and with my fiance for a total of 6 years.. It isn't until now that I'm a few months away from graduating college and truly started buying items for the wedding.. I've been thinking of an Alice wedding since my engagement and couldn't have been any happier when I saw your post today! The teacup idea is an over the top FANTASTIC touch that I'm madly in love with! Lol I think you're ideas are completely double, especially since I love being crafty and it's pretty much why I've gone to college! Keep creating, please!! :) <3

k... said...

How did I miss this before?!? Those ideas are totally doable. For my Alice "inspired" wedding I totally did the teacup, watches and drink me tags. I think I pulled it off. you can let me know if I did when I start doing recaps. LOL!



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