October 13, 2011

Orange, Purple, & Plum Wedding

Orange, and purple are the perfect team. They are bold and energetic, and so much fun. I just love how perfectly they contrast with one another. They are completely different colors, and yet they work together so seamlessly to make an explosion of color that is a definite attention-grabber. Adding a dark plum color to this mix keeps things grounded and not too crazy, and even adds a touch of autumn, that allows this color palette to work equally well for fall. And isn't that fantastic since...well...it's fall! So, if you're feeling like stepping out of the box for your wedding day, why not try something like this. You certainly won't be called boring. And, you can wear orange shoes, which is pretty awesome.

orange purple plum wedding

Center: bouquet
First row: flowers, flower girl, bouquet, bridesmaids
Second row: table setting, cake
Third row: cookies, candle
Fourth row: shoes, decoration, centerpiece, groom


Tiffany said...

my wedding colors are going to be purple, black and orange.

Sharon said...

I so almost went with purple and orange! But then I decided on orange and green. :) LOVE this!

AlwaysWright said...

I really like purple and orange together

joy said...

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