October 10, 2011

My Wedding! (Coral, Raspberry, Lime & Plum)

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately for my own wedding colors. It has been such a difficult task for me! It's so easy for me to come up with beautiful, inspiring color schemes on a daily basis...but picking one for your own wedding is damn near impossible. I want a color scheme that gives me just the right feeling. Up until recently, I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted that feeling to be, which made picking the exact right color scheme a daunting task. I've even come up with other schemes that I thought were what I wanted...and then ended up feeling like something was missing.

Here's the criteria I finally realized I wanted to fulfill:

1. It had to feel like FALL. My fiance and I picked September 29 as our wedding date for a reason–we love the fall. Up until now I'd forgotten about that.

2. I needed color. My other inspiration boards I was coming up with for my own wedding were too drab. I needed a nice pop of color (or colors) so the wedding would feel cheery.

3. I still wanted to incorporate my finace and I's favorite colors (green & purple).

4. I wanted the wedding to be a reflection of us as a couple. We are very earthy, rustic people. I needed a scheme that embodied that, but still had an elegant flair.

And, now, I am happy to say that I came up with a scheme that embodies all of these things! I FINALLY have a color scheme that makes me happy. That makes me feel excited about pulling it all together to make one hell of an awesome day. So here it is!

Coral, Raspberry, Lime & Plum

Gorgeous, huh? I sure think so. I love how perfectly that bouquet represents everything I want. Earthy, fall-ish, and elegant all at the same time. So, what do you think? Can't you just picture it being so warm and friendly? I'm so very excited. And I hope you all love it as much as I do!

Center: bouquet
First row: shoes, lantern, raspberry dessert, shoes
Second row: boutonniere, table number
Third row: cherries, lips
Fourth row: bridesmaid, drink, table setting, plant


Emily said...

Shardi, everything will be beautiful, no matter what you do! This color palette is gorgeous! You will be a beautiful bride, the ceremony and reception will be awesome, and the colors will be fantastic. I'm so excited for you and Brandt!

Jessica said...

Beautiful board! It's fall without being totally pumpkins and leaves.

Susan said...

This is beautiful!!! I'd probably have my wedding (big IF on that one) in the fall as well, love the weather, colors & flavors! Thanks for sharing this, can't wait to see more details for your big day!

Karla said...

Wow I love it.. not only are the colors " Fall" colors but they are rich and yummy!! Your goning to have so much fun with them!!

Shardi said...

Emily: Thank you! You're the best. You sure know how to make a girl feel more confident.

Jessica: YES! That's exactly what I was going for!!

Susan: Thank you. I'm so glad you like it. Fall is a beautiful time to get married!

Karla: I couldn't have said it better myself! You're totally right. Rich and yummy is exactly what I want!

Karen said...

What great colors together!! They'll bring a very vibrant and energetic look to your wedding!!

Miss Tattoo said...

love the color choice!

Stylishly Blissfully Ever After with MiMi said...

Love the bold color theme. IT's definitely going to be a gorgeous wedding! Cannot wait to see pics :-)

el.vi. said...

With all your color inspiration boards you posted I can see why you had trouble choosing....Great choice thought! <3 it

Ashley said...

love the color choice! How beautiful! :)

<3 Ash

Leah said...

Picking the colour scheme has definitely been a difficult task for our wedding as well! Finally I am just letting go and going with my gut when I need to make desicions. It'll all come together in the end (hopefully).

xo L.



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