October 24, 2011

In The Spotlight: Lo Boheme

As many of you know, Etsy is a bride-to-be's dream. One-of-a-kind, handmade items for your wedding add that personal touch that many of us are searching for. With Etsy, you can browse through page after page of unique goodies until your head explodes (in a wonderful way).

One Etsy shop that I recently came across during my hours of paroozing the site is Lo Boheme. This beautiful, romantic shop is run by a husband and wife (and their pooch) who create awesome vintage inspired accessories that would make any bride squeal with joy. Lauren (Lo) does the designing and creating, while her husband and dog (Josh and Tank) tackle the computer and technical aspects of the shop. I have to say, they make quite the team! I am absolutely in love with their designs. They are classic, whimsical and playful all at the same time. I'm sure any bride could find something they love (and, most likely, find too many things they love!) here.

Here's some of my favorite pieces, but there's so many more to look at in their shop!

See bottom for the link to each specific piece.

Row 1: Bridal headband, Headband & veil
Row 2: Feather headpiece, Bridal halo
Row 3:Pink hair flower, Rhinestone headband
Row 4: Flower and veil, Blue rhinestone headband
Row 5: Bridal hair flower, Lace headband

Beautiful, right? I honestly can't even pick my favorite. Be sure to check out Lo Boheme on Etsy to see their full collection. Keep in mind that they would love to work with you on a custom piece too!

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