March 30, 2012

In the Spotlight: Ruche Bridal

UPDATE: Ruche is having a contest to win $500 for a dream gown! All you have to do if make your dream wedding on Pinterest. Check out the rules here!

OK, so I don't know if I'm totally out of the loop on this one, but I stumbled upon Ruche Bridal's website today and my mouth literally fell open looking at all of the pretties that I never knew existed. I just had to share. Does everyone know about Ruche but me?! If you don't, then you MUST go have a look. All of their styles are vintage-inspired and offer something a little different than the traditional look that you see everywhere. They have wedding gowns, the cutest bridesmaid dresses and all kids of great accessories.

You want to know the best part? It's so affordable. How affordable,  you ask? Well all of their bridesmaid dresses are between $150 and $50. Wedding gowns range from $900 to $200, with most of them being in the $200, $300 range. Holy freakin' cow.

If you're a unique bride looking for something a little different, this is the place for you. If I was going for a vintage-theme wedding, Ruche would be a must-have. I know that there's a lot of girls out there who would love this site if they don't know it already, so I'm sharing the love.

My favorite pieces: (warning – lots of pictures coming at ya!)

Bridal Gowns
           "Victoria" $849.99                                                    "Alexandria" $749.99

          "Tiffany" $349.99                                                       "Gemma Lynn" $88.99

          "Claire" $399.99                                                      "Audrey" $249.99

Bridesmaid Dresses

         "Freesia Dress" $72.99                                           "Ranunculus Dress" $82.99

          "Petunia Dress" $63.99                                            "Peach Rose Dress" $134.99

          "Hydrangea Dress" $145.99                                   "Gardenia Dress" $84.99


"Oldie but Goodie Heels" $108.99  

       "Promises Gold Bow Necklace" 22.99                  "Grand Bouquet Floral Necklace" $36.99

                "Catch the Bouquet Ring" $24.99


         "Simply Elegance" Ivory Veil   $56.99           "Twirling Heart" Ivory Veil   $48.99

     "Singluar Destiny" Headband $42.99             "Something Blue" Feathered Headband $48.99

"Ever Thine" Fascinator  $42.99

     "Spirits Entwined" Crown $43.99                "Ever Mine" Fascinator  $42.99


         "Sweet Reminiscing" Lace Shaw $52.99                "Forever Fancy" Rosette Bolero  $76.99

        "Pure Elation" Lace Gloves  $28.99                       "Gleaming Heart" Sequin Sash  $59.99

So, what do you think? Are you in love with Ruche Bridal yet? I just can't get over the patterned bridesmaid dresses and those fabulous fascinators! So much pretty in one place! Thanks for reading!


Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Ruche Bridal. They did not contact me. I was not asked or endorsed to write this post. These are my own opinions and it was fully s my choice to spotlight the shop. Ruche Bridal was not involved in any way.

March 29, 2012

25 Prettiest Spring Bouquets

It's spring time. And it's wedding season. How much better could things get? Well, I could spend the next few minutes talking about gorgeous bouquets. Yes, that would be better. So here it goes.

Booking a florist is one of the items still on my to-do list. With 6 months to go until my wedding (as of today!), it's probably something that I should do. But, thinking about picking a bouquet is a really hard decision for me. I've never been a huge flower lover. I mean I've always liked them, but not any more than the average person. For some reason though, when they're put into perfectly coordinated little groups, cutely tied together and carried by a woman in white (and her bridesmaids), I become a flower FANATIC. I often find myself looking at pictures of bouquets and quite literally gasping out loud. Yes, I love them that much. I'm getting married in the fall, but couldn't be more head over heals for a good spring bouquet. The pastel colors, the soft, fluffy textures – they're just so romantic. Here's a collection of 25 spring bouquets that I adore, right down to the last petal.

What's your favorite flower season?

Click on pic for source.



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