February 14, 2013

My Wedding Day Extravaganza


It's been quite some time, hasn't it? I CANNOT believe that it's been over 8 months since my last post. Sometimes it's hard to predict those hectic moments in your life and when they're going to arrive. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep posting regularly again – oh how I miss it!

These last few months have been nothing short of exhausting! The wedding came and went so fast that I hardly had time to even know what was going on. It did, however, turn out to be the very best day of my life. I specifically remember sitting at the head table at our reception, looking around and thinking, "These people are all here for ME (and Brandt, of course!)?" It's an amazing feeling to have every important person in your life in one place at the same time – there to celebrate this next stage in your life. I loved every minute of it.

Since then, Brandt and I have been busy getting our lives in order and adjusting to the married life. So far, so good! We've got a quaint little home that we have tirelessly been working on/decorating, which has been a fun experience. All in all, life is good.

Now, I'd like to show you guys a little bit of our wedding. It was a beautiful fall day – couldn't have asked for anything better.

What do you think? Pretty, right? Ahhhh, I'm in love.

Now for some of my favorite moments.

#1. Getting Ready – Making ourselves purdy for the big day was one of my favorite moments. I mean, you're surrounded by the women in your life who you love the most – and they're giving you endless compliments because, well, they have to! What's not to love?

#2. The First Look – Brandt and I decided we would see each other before the wedding, and let me tell ya, it was the best decision we made about the wedding. It was absolutely PERFECT. My favorite part of the entire day. If you're debating about whether or not to do it, DO IT. It's something you'll remember for the rest of your life. And no, it does not make the walk down the aisle any less meaningful. You will still cry. Trust me.

#3. Friends & Family Time – Like I said before, these are some of your favorite people in the entire world. And they're all here for you. Take some time to revel in the fact that you can all be together. It's such a great feeling.

#4. The Ceremony – Duh. The moment you become husband and wife! It's almost surreal and it will be over before you know. I wish I had taken a minute to look around the church to see everyone. I was, however, far too nervous that I would turn into a blubbering mess (don't worry, I did that right BEFORE I walked down the aisle.)

#5. You + Him Time – After the ceremony, Brandt and I decided to take pictures on our own. There was no hassle of carting the entire wedding party around, and we got to have a little bit of alone time (with the photographer) to enjoy our new marital status. We did a little bit of everything: vintage car, open field, even a canoe ride across my family's pond that everyone was sure was going to turn into a disaster. Proved them wrong! I mean, how many people can say they paddled a canoe in their wedding dress?

#6. The Par-tay – Obviously. We ate like pigs, toasted to happy futures, drank far too much, chowed down on a dozen different cakes and danced our little butts off. And yes, our dance floor was outside under the open sky. Sounds pretty great, huh? It was!

There you have it! I appreciate you guys taking the time to read this. Happy wedding planning!

June 11, 2012

Papercraft on Etsy

Hi everyone! I've been missing out on my blogging time lately and I think I'm having withdraw. It feels so good to be posting again. Why didn't anyone warn me that the last few month of wedding planning are down right hectic? :)

Today, I want to share an adorable little shop on Etsy with you called pghpapercraft. I actually found this shop when I won a giveaway on a fellow blogger's website for a gorgeous handmade burlap guestbook. You will absolutely love this shop! The guestbook is unbelievably cute – all of you burlap-loving brides won't even be able to believe the cuteness. It's perfectly rustic and polished at the same time. Such a winning combo. And the best part? It's fully customizable. Maile (the shop owner) made it incredibly easy to pick out your favorite color of ribbon (to match your wedding colors), and let her know what you'd like the front of the book to say. It's such a beautiful keepsake that you'll want to save long after the wedding.

Papercraft even has matching stationery so you could get menus, invitations, programs and place cards to match. I LOVE this idea. Everything would look so polished and put-together. Personally, I'm digging the purple and burlap look!

Be sure to check out Papercraft on Etsy if you're looking for some handmade goodness to spice up your wedding. It's affordable and oh so cute.

Here's some of my other favorite pieces. Enjoy!

May 24, 2012

Blue, Gray, Brown Beach Wedding

I'm so excited to show you guys a beautiful inspiration board that was requested by Kishah – a 2013 bride-to-be. It's an October wedding in...wait for it...HAITI. Ugh. The jealousy is sinking in. Beach weddings always turn out beautifully. How can they not, with the ocean as a backdrop?

Kishah had a vision of blue and gray, with possibly some golds/deep yellows thrown in. It needed to be rustic, vintage and beachy of course. I seriously LOVE this inspiration board. I adore the different shades of blue mixed in together to give it an eclectic, laid-back vibe. It should NEVER be a requirement to stick to one color/shade of color. The golds and browns keep the whole thing earthy and grounded. And, it's beachy without being over-the-top and typical of what you would expect. It's really quite romantic. Kishah's wedding is going be gorgeous – no doubt about it!

Photo credits
Center: bouquet
First row: groomsmen, necklace, lantern, cake
Second row: flutes, place setting
Third row: silverware, bride
Fourth row: shoes, Jones Soda, couple, napkin

What do you guys think? Thanks Kishah for the beautiful request. Good luck on wedding planning!

Email me if you'd like a board! Shardiy@b-y.net

May 14, 2012

The Dress & The Cake

First of all, I'd like to say congrats to L.O.A.H for winning my giveaway hosted by From Kristen, With Love. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Now on to my post. I must say that I had a lot of fun writing this post for you guys. For me, cakes and dresses are two of the most beautiful parts of a wedding. They set the whole stage for your big day and help it come together so wonderfully. I know all of you brides-to-be are probably looking at countless pictures of dresses and wedding cakes, trying to find the perfect ones. But, have you ever thought about a cake and a dress that seem to be perfectly inspired by one another?

I think it would be so much fun to take an element of your wedding dress that you love (the texture, the sash, the beading) and incorporate that into your cake design. I mean, why not? You love your dress (hopefully!) and chances are, you'd love your cake if it was inspired by your gown too.

OR if you're looking for a fun, colored wedding cake, why not match your bridesmaids' dresses to the cake? As long as you don't go overboard and try to recreate a cake that looks just like a dress, it will be a perfect subtle reflection that will have your guests thinking you're so clever, NOT cheesy!

Here's some examples to get you started.

Cake; Dress
Cake; Dress
Cake, Dress
Cake; Dress

Cake; Dress

Cake; Dress
Cake; Dress
Cake; Dress



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